This is an early test version that is under active development. As such, bugs should be expected. But part of the development process is to gather user feedback. If you would like to help us out develop the bot further, simply start use it and feel free to tell us what you think. In addition, the bots machine learning solution are running in background in order to help the bot to get even better at understanding human input, this means the more people talk to it the better the bot gets in understanding. So your contribution by testing it is really valuable for both the bots learning curve as well as our knowledge about how people interact with a bot.

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So, what’s a bot?

A bot is a service (a robot, actually) you interact with through a chat interface like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack or other channels. It’s basically a virtual assistant that can help you and make your life easier. Today, you probably already use bots when you do your banking, plan trips and buy things online.

Like the rest of us, you’ve likely noticed that more people are communicating by text messaging. Maybe you are, too. For us, it’s only natural to talk to our travelers where they are and the way they want, which is why we’re developing the SAS bot.

The SAS bot can help you get travel information and book trips more easily. Instead of searching on our site, the bot can do the work for you. And you can speak naturally to it, like you would with a travel agent or personal assistant in real life. Easy, don’t you think?

Right now, we’re testing our bot and we’d love to have you along for the ride.

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What the bot can do for you

Book flights

  • Search, book and pay for trips in just a few lines. Like this:

  • "Book flight from Stockholm to London 15 jan"
  • "I want to book a trip from sto to lon next Monday"
  • "Book SK849 31 oct"

Get info

  • Find what you need in a flash.

  • "Can I upgrade with eurobonus points"?
  • "What does an extra bag cost?"
  • "Any restrictions on bags I check in?"

Check flight status

  • Subscribe for a flight status and get travel reminders.

  • "What’s the status of SK 123 right now?"

Where to talk to the SAS bot

Right now, the SAS bot can help you in these 2 channels, but lots more will follow.

Chat on Skype

    You can talk to the bot using skype by adding it to your list of contacts and saying hello.

Chat on Facebook

    You can talk to it via messenger on facebook.

Tell us what you think

We’re really interesting in what early adopters like you think. So do send us en e-mail and let us know.